Friday, December 21, 2007

Exotic Wildfowl at Ferry Meadows

A pair of Red-crested Pochard and two 'redhead' Smew have been gracing Lynch Lake. I popped in for a look, although digiscoping in the gloom wasn't much fun.

Red-crested Pochard Netta rufina

Smew Mergellus albellus

Digiscoped with Canon Powershot A640 and Leica APO77 x20


Amila Salgado said...

Would love to see a RHP. Just moved from CP 4500 to CP 5100. Olwets in the recent post in mine was taken using my new toy. You digi-scoping combination sound good. What settings do you use ?

Malcolm Cinnamond said...

Not sure I can keep up with the camera techie stuff, but the bird pix are excellent. Nice one