Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pale Eggar

A first for the garden. Maiden's Blush is also fairly uncommon.

Pale Eggar Trichiura crataegi

Maiden's Blush Cyclophora punctaria

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Long-winged Coneheads

These were my first in the Peterborough area and were found by children at the Highlees Primary School wildlife area along with many other insects during a bug hunt event.

Long-winged Conehead Conocephalus discolor


Female nymph, final instar

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Xylota segnis and White-legs again

I know I've photographed a fair few White-legs this year but this one was particularly photogenic and it's getting quite late for them now. It and the hoverfly were south of The Island in Elton during a very brief mild spell.

White-legged Damselfly Platycnemis pennipes

Xylota segnis

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pond life

A visit to Maxey GP produced this stunning female Emperor egg laying and we were fortunate to have a pair of Southern Hawkers in the garden most of the weekend. The female laid on various bits of wood and rock around our pond. Click on the closeup of the male for some detail.

The 'sub-hornet' Median Wasp was one of quite a few insects drinking at the pond.

Emperor Anax imperator, female (digiscoped)

Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea


Dolichovespula media

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another day another clearwing

Without the aid of a pheromone lure or a safety net my sharp eyed spouse spotted this rarely seen moth feeding at the flowers of our Hebe 'Great Orme'.

Red-belted Clearwing Synanthedon myopaeformis

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Here's a Tip

This was the first really good insect day this summer; properly warm and calm. Although it's getting late in the season even for these latest flying clearwings, it's not unusual for emergence to be delayed in poor summers. So I took a 'for' pheromone lure down to The Boardwalks this lunchtime and was rewarded with up to three moths buzzing it. They rarely settle in view for long so have to make do with these flight shots.

Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis

Canon Powershot A640

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper

In the productive meadows between The Boardwalks NR and the Thorpe Road housing. there were also a couple of Painted Ladies here - scarce this year.

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper Chorthippus albomarginatus

Canon Powershot A640

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Firethorn Leafminer

Moth catches continue to be unremarkable. This species appeared in the garden for the first time earlier this year and one was in the trap last night. It is one of the smallest moths to occur here at about 4mm long and presents quite a challenge to photograph.

Firethorn Leaf Miner Phyllonorycter leucographella

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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Cute spider found in the gents at work

Jumping Spider Salticidae

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Ruby Tiger et al.

Although not good numbers for the time of year this was a good session by the standards of this poor year. Nearly 50 species in all including a couple still to identify.

Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa

The Herald Scoliopteryx libatrix

Evergestis pallidata

Pebble Prominent Eligmodonta ziczac

Mouse Moth Amphipyra tragopoginis

Canon Powershot A640

0647 Brown House-moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella) 2
0648 White-shouldered House-moth (Endrosis sarcitrella) 1
0868 Helcystogramma rufescens 1
0977 Large Fruit-tree Tortrix (Archips podana) 1
1016x Cnephasia sp. 1
1036 Acleris forsskaleana 1
1205 Bud Moth (Spilonota ocellana) 1
1293 Garden Grass-veneer (Chrysoteuchia culmella) 2
1304 Agriphila straminella 2
1316 Catoptria falsella 1
1331 Water Veneer (Acentria ephemerella) 5
1356 Garden Pebble (Evergestis forficalis) 1
1358 Evergestis pallidata 1
1376 Small Magpie (Eurrhypara hortulata) 1
1405 Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis) 2
1413 Gold Triangle (Hypsopygia costalis) 2
1424 Endotricha flammealis 8
1438 Trachycera suavella 1
1439 Trachycera advenella 1
1470 Euzophera pinguis 1
1708 Single-dotted Wave (Idaea dimidiata) 1
1713 Riband Wave (Idaea aversata) ab. remutata 3
1713 Riband Wave (Idaea aversata) typical 2
1724 Red Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe spadicearia) 1
1738 Common Carpet (Epirrhoe alternata) 3
1937 Willow Beauty (Peribatodes rhomboidaria) 2
1997 Sallow Kitten (Furcula furcula) 1
2000 Iron Prominent (Notodonta dromedarius) 1
2003 Pebble Prominent (Eligmodonta ziczac) 1
2011 Pale Prominent (Pterostoma palpina) 1
2030 Yellow-tail (Euproctis similis) 1
2044 Dingy Footman (Eilema griseola) 1
2050 Common Footman (Eilema lurideola) 1
2064 Ruby Tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa) 3
2092 Shuttle-shaped Dart (Agrotis puta) 3
2102 Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta) 3
2107 Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba) 1
2145 The Nutmeg (Discestra trifolii) 1
2198 Smoky Wainscot (Mythimna impura) 1
2293 Marbled Beauty (Cryphia domestica) 1
2297 Copper Underwing (Amphipyra pyramidea) 1
2299 Mouse Moth (Amphipyra tragopoginis) 1
2321 Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha) 3
2343x Common Rustic agg. (Mesapamea secalis agg.) 4
2353 Flounced Rustic (Luperina testacea) 1
2389 Pale Mottled Willow (Caradrina clavipalpis) 1
2469 The Herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix) 1

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

White-spotted Pinion search

This was the team assembled to look for White-spotted Pinion just over the border into Northants at Elton Bridge last night.

From the left: Richard & Heather Donoyou, Brian Stone, Tony Parker, Paul Waring (kneeling) and Chub.

The temperature fell steadily following a warm sunny day and rather few moths came to the two 125W MV Robinsons and a 40W actinic.

58 moths of 33 species
0227 Skin Moth (Monopis laevigella) 1
0609 Elachista maculicerusella 1
0642 Batia unitella 1
0972 Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix (Pandemis heparana) 2
1093 Apotomis betuletana 2
1331 Water Veneer (Acentria ephemerella) 2
1405 Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis) 2
1648 Pebble Hook-tip (Drepana falcataria) 3
1682 Blood-vein (Timandra comae) 1
1708 Single-dotted Wave (Idaea dimidiata) 1
1713 Riband Wave (Idaea aversata) typical 1
1724 Red Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe spadicearia) 2
1738 Common Carpet (Epirrhoe alternata) 2
1937 Willow Beauty (Peribatodes rhomboidaria) 1
1955 Common White Wave (Cabera pusaria) 1
2008 Coxcomb Prominent (Ptilodon capucina) 1
2011 Pale Prominent (Pterostoma palpina) 2
2030 Yellow-tail (Euproctis similis) 4
2031 White Satin Moth (Leucoma salicis) 2
2044 Dingy Footman (Eilema griseola) 8
2064 Ruby Tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa) 2
2092 Shuttle-shaped Dart (Agrotis puta) 1
2102 Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta) 2
2107 Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba) 1
2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing (Noctua comes) 1
2160 Bright-line Brown-eye (Lacanobia oleracea) 1
2198 Smoky Wainscot (Mythimna impura) 2
2289 Knot Grass (Acronicta rumicis) 2
2318 The Dun-bar (Cosmia trapezina) 1
2321 Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha) 1
2343x Common Rustic agg. (Mesapamea secalis agg.) 1
2352 Dusky Sallow (Eremobia ochroleuca) 2
2381 The Uncertain (Hoplodrina alsines) 1
Hornet (Vespa crabro) 6