Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Weedon's Slug Theory debunked?

Not making any friends here I suspect but this whopping slug on the house wall appears to be a very clean example, which seem to refute the mucky-end theory proposed by my (former?) friend Mike Weedon. The exception that proves the rule?!


Steve said...

Ah! Hate to disagree Bri, but there are actually two different species of slug involved here. Mikey Wee's is the Great Black Slug and your's is one of the 'keeled' species, Ashy Slug. Great Black Slug are known to carry wee parcels off crap on their rear end, whereas Ashy don't!

Brian said...

You are in fact agreeing Steve. You describe what I have illustrated. Weedon's thory made no mention of species. To quote:
"Weedon's Slug Theory: Slugs always have detritus on the end of their tails...Next time a slug slithers your way, have a look to see if it has debris on its tail. It will, mark my words."

It didn't!