Monday, May 23, 2005

Spain, Chronoillogically

Three days birding in Spain with some of the best company a guy could hope for. What could be better. 140 bird species (including a grand total of 70 lifers between us!!) and loads of other wildlife.

There are other accounts of the trip by:
Bogbumper and

Use this entry to work through the trip in chronological order.

The arrival
The Alijar Hacienda
What a Bonanza
Algaida and the northern salinas
Road to nowhere
Hidden Pools of Sanlucar
Nightjar sunset
Storks at El Portal
Laguna da Medina
Seeking Sanctuary
Ojen Valley
Run to the hills
Flowery Places
Villaluengo Pass
Las Covezuela
Grazalema Mirador
Puerto de las Palomas

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