Monday, May 30, 2005

First night's moths

This isolated location on the north coast of the Ardnamurchan penninsular was perfect for mothing so I set up the 125W MV Skinner trap to see what was flying about during the short nights.

This first session resulted in a small number of moths, most of which were new to me (in the adult form at least):
1638 Fox Moth (Macroglossum rubi), 1 female
1753 Striped Twin-spot Carpet (Nebula salicata), 2
1769 Spruce Carpet (Thera britannica), 1
1902 Brown Silver-line (Petrophora chlorosata), 6
2250 Dark Brocade (Blepharita adusta), 5
2334 Rustic Shoulder-knot (Apamea sordens), 1
2343a Lesser Common Rustic (Mesapamea didyma), 1 larva

Fox Moth (Macroglossum rubi)

Striped Twin-spot Carpet (Nebula salicata)

Spruce Carpet (Thera britannica)

Brown Silver-line (Petrophora chlorosata)

Dark Brocade (Blepharita adusta)

Rustic Shoulder-knot (Apamea sordens)

Lesser Common Rustic (Mesapamea didyma), larva

Nikon CP995

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