Thursday, January 11, 2018

Phichit and Nakhon Sawan

Our week with the charity Gift of Happiness saw us based in the central northern Thai town of Phichit. The days were pretty full on travelling to remote schools distributing donated clothes, educational equipment, toys, etc. and putting on a show to make everyone laugh. There was some time to check out the wildlife though and Phitchit itself had a large shallow lake that was brimming with birds.

Saw some good birds from the second floor balcony of our hotel room too, including Peregrine, Shikra, Pied Harrier, Lineated Barbet and Oriental Darter.

Pheasant-tailed Jacana Hydrophasianus chirurgus
Pond Heron Ardeola sp.

But it was the wetland that held most of the interest. My first really good encounter with Plaintive Cuckoo, a species you hear just about everywhere and love lotus beds. Both Bronze-winged and Pheasant-tailed Jacanas were great to watch alongside the more usual Grey-headed Swamphens, White-breasted Waterhens and the occasional Yellow Bittern. A big flock of Lesser Whistling-duck was around.

Asian Openbill Anastomus oscitans

Black-eared Kite Milvus migrans lineatus

Grey-headed Lapwing Vanellus cinereus


Lineated Barbet Megalaima lineata

Green Bee-eater Merops orientalis ferugeiceps

Oriental Garden Lizard Calotes versicolor

Plain Tiger Danaus chrysippus

Plaintive Cuckoo Cacomantis merulinus

Purple Sunbird Cinnyris asiaticus

Yellow Bittern Ixobrychus sinensis

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