Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More moths as temperatures soar

So as the mercury creeps ever upwards the numbers of moths attracted to the light trap keeps going up. Among them some worthy of note. Buff-tip is nowhere near as common as it used to be. A large moth that does a very good impersonation of a birch twig. Buff Arches on the other hand has never been numerous but a few turn up every year. White Satin seems to be increasing in numbers. The striking micros without a common name are the 2nd or 3rd record for the garden: E. dodecea is a bit of a scarcity in Hunts with perhaps less than half a dozen records.

Buff-tip Phalera bucephala

Buff Arches Habrosyne pyritoides

White Satin Moth Leucoma salicis

Aethes rubigana

Batia lunaris

Ethmia dodecea

Zeiraphera isertana

Canon Powershot SX50 HS

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