Wednesday, January 23, 2013

West Morocco Species List

just 74 bird species seen on this trip but the aim was quality not quantity. It was still a surprise not to encounter more raptors (no buzzards at all) and wetland species.

Full report here

Little Grebe, a few along Oued Massa
Northern Gannet, small numbers along coast
Great Cormorant, common with many maroccanus
Cattle Egret, common everywhere
Little Egret, one at Tamri
Great White Egret, a few at Oued Massa mouth
Grey Heron, common at Oued Massa
White Stork, hundreds at Marrakech dump
Northern Bald Ibis, 24 in flight over Sidi Rabat at dawn and 90+ at day roost to north
Mallard, Oued Massa
Tufted Duck, Oued Massa
Sparrowhawk, singles over motorway and at Oued Massa mouth
Osprey, colour-ringed individual Oued Massa
Common Kestrel, fairly common
Barbary Falcon, singles in south of Sous-Massa NP
Barbary Partridge, 2 flushed at dawn between Sidi Rabat and Oued Massa
Moorhen, small numbers Oued Massa
Coot, several oued Massa
Crane, 9 including 2 juveniles at Oued Massa and in flight nearby
Oystercatcher, 1 at Oued Massa mouth
Ringed Plover, several at Oued Massa mouth
Kentish Plover, 1 at Oued Massa mouth
Sanderling, several at Oued Massa mouth
Dunlin, several at Oued Massa mouth
Snipe, 1 along Oued Massa
Whimbrel, 1 with Curlew at Oued Massa mouth
Curlew, 6 at Oued Massa mouth
Common Sandpiper, 1 or 2 at Oued Massa mouth
Black-headed Gull, common at Oued Massa mouth
Audouin's Gull, a few at Oued Massa mouth
Lesser Black-backed Gull, a few at Oued Massa mouth
Yellow-legged Gull, common at Oued Massa mouth
Caspian Tern, 1 at Oued Massa mouth
Sandwich Tern, common at Oued Massa mouth and offshore
Feral Pigeon, small numbers in towns
Woodpigeon, small flocks at Immouzer and Oued Massa
Collared Dove, common
Laughing Dove, fairly numerous along Oued Massa
Little Owl, common around Sidi Rabat
Hoopoe, 1 in Sous-Massa NP north of Sidi Rabat
Wryneck, 1 near Oued Massa mouth
Crested Lark, common
Thekla Lark, a few in mountains west of Immouzer
Brown-throated Sand Martin, c.10 along Oued Massa
Swallow, small numbers in the Oued Massa area
House Martin, one or two with a mixed flock at Oued Massa mouth
Meadow Pipit, heard flying over at Oued Massa mouth
White Wagtail, common - no subpersonata identified
Common Bulbul, common
Black Redstart, 1 at Sidi Rabat
Moussier's Redstart, good numbers encountered throughout
Stonechat, several scattered widely
Wheatear, one or two in the deserts in south of Sous-Massa NP
Blue Rock Thrush, 1 south of Tifnit
Blackbird, Sidi Rabat
Sardinian Warbler, Oued Massa area
Chiffchaff, common along Oued Massa
Ultramarine Tit, east of Immouzer
Great Tit, several in Immouzer
Black-crowned Tchagra, several singing and showing near Oued Massa mouth
Great Grey Shrike, elegans types inland and around Marrakech suburbs, algeriensis in Sous-Massa NP
Jay, west of Immouzer
Magpie, mauritanica locally common throughout
Spotless Starling, locally common
House Sparrow, common
Spanish Sparrow, 1 in Sidi Rabat
Rock Sparrow, 2 along Oued Massa
Chaffinch, several in mountains - no racial determination
Serin, common throughout
Greenfinch, encountered in Marrakech suburbs and near Tifnit
Goldfinch, fairly common
Linnet, locally numerous
House Bunting, several encountered around habitation, 3 in Menara airport hall
Corn Bunting, large flock in south Sous-Massa NP

Other widlife:
Barbary Ground Squirrel Atlantoxerus getulus, scattered through the mountains, in small groups in places
Atlas Day Gecko Quedenfeldtia trachyblepharus, 1 west of Immouzer
Spanish Pond Turtle Mauremys leprosa, common on Massa river
Violet Dropwing Trithemis annulata, Oued Massa
Epaulet Skimmer Orthetrum chrysostigma, 1 at Oued Massa
Egyptian Grasshopper Anacridium aegyptum, deserts near Tifnit
Acrida ungarica, Oued Massa

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