Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Santurtzi arthropods

Had a cracking weekend hitching up with The Company of Whales on the Portsmouth - Bilbao ferry. Met a great bunch of people and saw some superb wildlife on the sea and land. One of the highlights for me was calling a Grasshopper Warbler flying long the edge of the ship, which finally perched up in full view confirming the ID.

The ferry arrives at Santurtzi (Santurtzi in Basque, Santurce in Spanish) and a walk up the slopes of Mount Serrantes to the Fortified Heights, while waiting for the return sailing, produced some excellent insects and spiders.

Praying Mantis Mantis religiosa

Wasp Spider Argiope bruennichi (the last pic shows the spinneret producing silk)

Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket Phaneroptera falcata, female - note the sickle-shaped ovipositor

Adonis Blue Polyommatus bellargus

Pyrausta despicata

Rush Veneer Nomophila noctuella

Grasshopper (ID still under investigation)

Canon Powershot SX10 IS

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