Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Slowly but surely

More moths are starting to appear but its still very slow going. Yesterday was quite warm but under clear skies the temperature fell again and with a bright waxing moon I wouldn't have expected much more than this. One of each of the following:
1651 Chinese Character (Cilix glaucata)
1906 Brimstone Moth (Opisthograptis luteolata)
2063 Muslin Moth (Diaphora mendica)
2092 Shuttle-shaped Dart (Agrotis puta)
2186 Powdered Quaker (Orthosia gracilis)
2187 Common Quaker (Orthosia cerasi)
2190 Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica)

Chinese Character Cilix glaucata

Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata

Muslin Moth Diaphora mendica

Shuttle-shaped Dart Agrotis puta

Nikon Coolpix P4

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