Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Urban Bee Orchids

Talk about getting a Bee in your bonnet. The Bee Orchid is not exactly a rare plant but it is great when you can see them in and around our urban spaces. Trouble is civic tidying often means these get mown at the height of their flowering season. This not only deprives us of the sight of the flowers but also means they are unable to set seed. In the case of the ones pictured here near Hampton on London Road, Peterborough a quick email to the local Wildlife Officer in the council means mowing of this verge is now delayed to allow the plants to complete their flowering. Round one to the orchids :)

Hopefully the same can be done for the 120 or so seen flowering at the Boongate parkway junction sliproad this year. All but about 6 were mown before I contacted anyone but hopefully they can be avoided next year. Look out for them.


Jenny Vu said...

Hi, I wanted to write a post about the Bee Orchid and just wanted to ask if I could use your photo. I will source you with credits and a link.

:) My blog is http://1000naturalwonders.blogspot.com.au/

Brian said...

By all means Jenny. Interesting blog you have.

Jenny Vu said...

:) Thanks Brian!